In many cases, running while pregnant is healthy, says one doctor.

Professional runners Kara Goucher and Clara Peterson appeared on ABC’s “Good Morning America” Tuesday to discuss running during pregnancy.

Goucher, who gave birth to her son Colt four years ago, trained throughout her pregnancy. And she went for a run the day she went into labor.

Said Clara Peterson, who ran through her first three pregnancies and is now training while carrying her fourth child: “I’m an elite athlete, I know my body better than anybody. And I know what’s OK and what isn’t.”

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Peterson said she elected to have children at a younger age, in hopes that she would hit her athletic peak in her 30s.

Goucher said she had a small window in which to get pregnant because of her racing schedule, the Olympics and sponsor obligations.

“I knew if I wasn’t pregnant by a certain date, I would literally have to wait another four years,” Goucher said.

Dr. Jennifer Ashton appeared on the segment and said in many cases, especially when it comes to elite athletes, exercise during pregnancy is healthy.

“Pregnancy is not a disease. We really need to stop making pregnant women feel fragile, weak, sick,” Ashton said. “Now, this is not for every woman. This is not for every pregnancy. Every pregnancy is different. And there’s limited data for extreme exercise. But if you look at what we do know about exercise and pregnancy, the benefits for the mother and the baby far outweigh any risks.”

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