The three drills demonstrated in this video will help form the foundation for a smooth, efficient running stride.


This drill’s focus is on firing your hip flexors in a rhythmic, dynamic manner.

Do it: Stand tall and drive your knee upward as if you were going to knee a soccer ball. Start with skipping and progress to running.

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This drill helps teach you to get your foot strike below your center of gravity.

Do it: Lift your knee in a similar manner to the A’s drill, but extend your leg to almost-straight while your foot has started to travel back toward the ground. The foot strikes the ground directly under your center of gravity. When your legs are traveling downward, there should be a definitive acceleration of the leg/foot. Start with walking and progress to skipping.


This drill, also known as butt kicks, helps to establish a quick heel lift which contributes to a long, fast stride.

Do it: Run with a very high cadence and slight forward movement as you kick your heels to your butt.

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