Former Olympic gold medalist hurdler will lead the charge towards London 2012. Tuesday it was announced that USATF CEO Doug Logan has appointed Benita Fitzgerald Mosley Chief of Sport Performance for the USATF.  This appointment will be one of many over the next month that will put in place a new action team in charge of the future of USA Track and Field.  As a member of the Project 30 Task Force that reviewed the current state of USA Track and Field last year, Fitzgerald Mosley pointed to the various findings of that group as the main goals of her new role.

The overarching objective of the new group is to develop new action plans to reach the goal of 30 U.S. medals in track and field in 2012.  In a teleconference on Thursday, Fitzgerald Mosley said she will be “looking at what the low-hanging fruit is. We think that the technical events, particularly the throws and jumps, is where, in Beijing, we fell short of our usual performances.  It’s a matter of returning to our standards of excellence.”  Additionally, Fitzgerald Mosely pointed out more general goals of strengthening athlete support through training and facilities, as well as implementing a specific athlete development program to assist athletes as they transition from the amateur to the professional ranks.

Logan confirmed that USATF is planning to add seven to ten additional positions that underneath Fitzgerald Mosley.  These roles, which he said will be filled with “experts”, will focus on, but not be limited to, sports science, coaching and officiating.  Logan went on to say that the USATF currently has a large amount of funding from the US Olympic Committee to implement and support these positions.  He belives that this funding, currently between $2.5 and 3.5 Million, will double as the London 2012 Games approach.

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