Last week we had the opportunity to test out the new adidas Solar Boost shoes ahead of their May 17 release. To create the sneakers, adidas utilized a technology called Tailored Fiber Placement (TFP) which allows for a lighter sneaker overall. The TFP process knits the yarns for the upper together, making them stronger and providing better zones of impact that maximize running performance.

When trying them out, one of the first things that stood out was the ease of entry, almost sock-like with a good hug around the foot. There’s also a new lightweight fabric that replaces the midfoot cage and ultimately makes it a really comfortable fit. The heel collar is also similar to the Ultra Boost which adds a nice support for the Achilles.

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In general, the Solar Boost provided a snappy ride and were extremely responsive. The added bounce, thanks to their midsole technology, also helped to focus energy forward and encouraged a quicker pace. Plus, with their wider heel, it’s easy to feel more grounded. However, depending how you prefer your sneakers, you can easily feel everything under your feet. For me personally, this isn’t ideal on long runs because of knee issues, but some runners prefer a better connection to the ground.

Yet, even with the feel of the ground, if you typically run on the road, they are a comfortable ride and worth throwing on during your distance runs. As someone who’s feet run hot though, I did want something with a little more breathability since they got warm pretty quickly. Lastly, the shoes are made with Continental tire rubber and have pretty solid traction on wet or dry surfaces.

Adidas Solar Boost will be available for purchase in multiple colorways on May 17. Check back soon for an in-depth look at how the shoes were first conceived, the technology behind them and what goes into making each pair.

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