Neither of them are heading to the Olympics.

Some disturbing news out of Kenya: The Web site (courtesy of German state network, ARD), reports that two Kenyan marathoners have tested positive for banned substances.

The suspected dopers are Rael Kiyara and Jemima Sumgong.

Kiyara allegedly tested positive for a steroid following a victory at the Hamburg Marathon on April 29, while Sumgong was caught using a cortisone product after finishing second at the Boston Marathon this year.

“She was tested positive for a metabolite of nandrolone,” said Kenyan Anti-Doping Agency (KADA) chief, Moni Wekesa about Sumgong. “It is regrettable that such a top runner appears to use doping substances to win.”

Wekesa continued: “This must annoy us and is very disappointing. Not only for the Kenyan [athletics] federation but for the entire nation. We Kenyans are proud to win, be it at Olympic Games, world championships and elsewhere.”

Kenya is a running powerhouse, garnering 68 of its 75 Olympic medals in athletics.

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