Watch: Running Form Fundamentals

Coach Jason Fitzgerald shares his training philosophy in a new video course.

Xpollination Productions and frequent PodiumRunner contributor Jason Fitzgerald have recently released a feature-length video course on the fundamentals of running for beginner and intermediate runners: Running Smarter, Running Stronger.

You can watch an excerpt on running form here:

Maintaining these elements of form requires improving mobility, balance and key strengths, which you can learn more about in the video series. Filmed in Colorado and featuring elite runner Maggie Callahan, the course features over 25 topics covered in nearly two hours of ultra HD video footage. Topics include:

  • How to increase mileage more intelligently than the “10% Rule”
  • Injury prevention made simple
  • Proper running form and how to improve efficiency
  • Building speed and endurance
  • Running drills
  • Micro vs. Macro training variations
  • The importance of body maintenance and recovery
  • How to warm up for running

“Running is a skill that we believe can be developed with the right combination of knowledge, inspiration, and execution,” says Fitzgerald. “This course gives runners the knowledge to plan smart training and the inspiration drawn from some of Colorado’s most beautiful locations. The only thing left to do is execute.”

For more on the video series, watch the trailer.