12 Tom Petty Songs That Are Perfect For Your Next Run

Tom Petty's music always feels like it's meant for runners, even if he was never literally running himself.

A few years ago, I would put together a monthly playlist for our friends over at Women’s Running. In addition to staff picks and current hits, I would often turn to our social media community to crowd source suggestions. Every single month, no matter what the theme of the playlist, runners always requested Tom Petty.

Many people call Petty’s catalog “driving music”—for those moments when you want to be immersed a song instead of your own thoughts. Music that can go with whatever you mood may be feeling. This is exactly what many runners need, except our vehicles for movement are our own two feet. It is most likely why his songs resonate with so many of us.

It could also be Petty’s use of running imagery and lyrics in many of his songs. Petty was never literally running. However as runners, we could often feel for whatever he was chasing.

Or maybe it was his style of music—rock ‘n’ roll that could easily border on pop or country genres. No matter what type of run was on schedule, it seems like there is a Tom Petty song with the right cadence or feeling to go with your miles.

Petty passed away Monday night, at the age of 66. His passing feels too soon for many of his fans. However his music, timeless and classic, will always be there for our miles. Here are a few essential Tom Petty songs for your next run. Listen below or access the playlist here.