This drill can help make you a better runner by improving on your running form, functional strength and efficiency.


A-Skips is a basic drill that helps develop lower-leg strength while encouraging knee lift and promoting an efficient footstrike. Many elite athletes do A-skips as part of their warm-up routine before a race or speed workout to get the key muscles firing for faster running.


Skip forward, lifting your lead knee to waist height while keeping your back leg straight as you come off your toe. Continue moving forward in this manner—alternating legs—and striking the ground with your mid-foot or forefoot while swinging your opposite arm in unison with your lead leg. Note: When doing this drill for the first time, walk through it to get the motion down and gradually progress to skipping.


Perform two 30-meter reps, progressing to 50-meter reps once you build strength and coordination. Do this drill two to three times a week after an easy run or before a speed workout or race.

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