Strengthen Core Muscles With The Pedestal Routine

Keeping your core muscles strong is crucial to good form and staving off injuries.

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The pedestal routine is a group of exercises that specifically targets your core muscles. While there are several variations of the routine—and varying levels of complexity—this abbreviated version focuses on three key positions. “These are quick, all-encompassing exercises for someone short on time, but they hit all the main muscle groups,” says Dani Filipek, an ultrarunner with Brooks Running.

How to do it:

Prone handstand: Get into a pushup position, maintaining a straight line from the top of your shoulders down to your feet. Focus on breathing to stay relaxed. Engage the core muscles by keeping the belly button tight.

Supine handstand: Balance on your heels and hands. Keep your body in a straight line and engage the core muscles.

“These engage all the core muscles and are similar to the tried-and-true plank,” Miller says of the handstands. “It is a staple in my core routine because it is quick, effective and can be done anywhere.”

Side pedestal: This resembles a side plank, with your body resting on the outside of one foot and the palm of one hand.

“Control your breathing and be aware of your linear body position,” advises Miller. “Have straight lines from the shoulders to the heels.”

Hold each position for one minute. Do 2-3 sets as part of your post-run stretching and strengthening routine.

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