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6 Tips For Success From Professional Distance Runner Sara Hall

Professional runner Sara Hall shares the 6 tips that have helped to make her a success.

Below are some tips that Sara Hall has found helpful in achieving success:

1. Commit to The Journey as much as the goal. Maybe even more.

Great results come from repeating the basics well, over and over and over. Enjoying that process keeps you invested and motivated. Set up the journey by choosing a goal to give you vision. Do whatever it takes to keep it fun and fresh.

2. Build your journey from small, achievable steps.

You have your goal. Fantastic. Now you need a plan of attack. Write it down! Early on, check yourself. If the workload is too much, then dial it back. If you have more to give, push it a little bit at a time. Reaching your goal slowly is better than quitting, and overdoing it early is a top cause of giving up.

3.When things are going well, just keep doing what you are doing!

This is the most enjoyable part of the journey. You have momentum and are seeing flashes of progress. Great! Show up tomorrow and keep doing it. Mix in some races to break up your training and see some new scenery. Do not worry about the times. Just focus on finishing strong.

4. Celebrate successes.

Let every bit of forward progress be a point of personal pride, no matter how small. Whether it is a post-workout ice cream cone or massage appointment, we all do well with incentives and milestones. And when you hit a big goal? Celebrate it like the feat that it is! Document it in a training log or journal, and reflect on the things you did well to get to that point.

5. Pick yourself up.

So you melted down in that 10K—ugh right? When we get knocked back, when and how we respond are the most critical parts of staying on track. First thing is to get up and make some forward movement, no matter how small. What has worked for me at every level is to choose a new focus and start taking steps towards it, while celebrating progress along the way. More than my biggest accomplishments, it is these personal growth moments I look back on as the most meaningful times in my career.

6. Always be winning.

Finding the good in every training session is key to becoming a resilient athlete. You’re not going to feel good every day and crush every workout, but being able to identify what you did well and what you are enjoying about each day will bring meaning to each training session. Whether it is taking in the beauty of your surroundings to distract you from the effort or refusing to let your times affect your attitude, there is always an opportunity to learn and grow. Learning to find the good and positive in every moment to keep propelling you forward is the key to longevity in the sport.

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