Who knew that Pilates was such a good core workout?

“So this machine —”

“Is from ‘Fifty Shades of Grey!’” I interrupted excitedly. In the middle of the room, chains dangled from the columns of a structure similar to a canopy bed.

“Um, no,” Ashly said as she glared at me, “just … no. It’s called the Reformer.”

“Ooh, the Reformer! Sounds kinky.”

“Are you going to be like this for the whole hour?”


Truth be told, I only signed up for Pilates lessons as a favor to my friend Ashly, who needed to log teaching hours to become certified as an instructor.

Though I was so proud of her for finding something she was passionate about, I had a hard time accepting Pilates as a legitimate workout. I frequently watched the parade of middle-aged women exiting the Pilates classes at my gym while I ran on the treadmill — they rarely, if ever, seemed to break a sweat!

Still, I wanted to support my friend. Besides, it was only Pilates. How hard could it really be?

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“So we’re going to start by sitting up straight.” Ashly demonstrated perfect form. I pushed my shoulders back. “No, Susan. Straight.”

“I am straight!” I scoffed.

“No.” Ashly reached across and pulled me up by my skull: “Now you’re straight. Next, I want you to activate your core muscles.”

I exhaled as I sucked in my belly button, my nostrils flaring.

“What are you doing?”

“Activating my core,” I grunted through clenched teeth.

“You look like you’re pooping.”

Ashly maneuvered me into the proper position, pushing my rib cage together like she was closing a coin purse. “OK, now push out with your legs. Inhale going up, exhale going down,” she sang as I awkwardly maneuvered through her directions. “Activate your core. No, your core. No, your core. Inhale through your nose, exhale through your mouth. Core.”

I was breathing like a dying fish on the shore — loud gasps that would concern bystanders if I had been at, say, the grocery store. But Ashly squeezed my rib cage together again and looked on with satisfaction.

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“Good job! How do you feel?”


Ashly chuckled softly as I leaned back on the Reformer and rubbed my stomach. I had just used muscles I didn’t even know I had, and they burned. As I lay there moaning, I realized that while I was eye-rolling at the Pilates parade at my gym, they were probably doing the same to me: Aww, she does marathons. That’s so cute! I can stop bullets with my stomach. Super-abdominals, activate!

Six months later, Ashly has earned her instructor certification, and I’m one of her most loyal clients. Each week, she guides me as I whoosh air in and out of my lungs until I think I’m going to pass out. But I’m improving, and my running is much better for it.

In hindsight, I shouldn’t have been so smug. Turns out this Pilates stuff is legit.

I still think the Reformer is a kinky name, though.

This piece first appeared in the November 2013 issue of Competitor magazine.


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