New Runner: Everything You Need To Know To Get Started

Check out our series of articles geared toward new and novice runners and share them with friends!

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Check out our series of articles geared toward new and novice runners and share them with friends!

Are you a new runner? Do you know someone who is just getting started or wants to get started? Check out our series of articles geared toward new and novice runners and share them with friends!

Be sure to check out our training resources, which include training plans, links to more stories, a pace calculator, a route finder and other helpful information.

New Runner: A Beginner’s Guide To Running
Start from scratch and build fitness slowly and safely over the course of two months.

New Runner: 5 Common Mistakes Newbies Make
Here are a few mistakes that running coaches see over and over again, plus how to easily fix them.

New Runner: Buying Your First Pair Of Shoes
Everything you need to know about buying your first pair of running shoes.

New Runner: 7 Fueling Facts
Learning the right way to fuel will lead to big running gains.

New Runner: Dynamic Stretching vs. Static Stretching
The combination of dynamic and static stretching—when used at the right time—can have a big impact on increasing flexibility and improving performance

New Runner: No Pain, No Gain?
Understanding the important differences between discomfort and pain.

New Runner: The Benefits of Running For Time
Here are four reasons why putting minutes before miles is a most excellent way to get started as a runner.

New Runner: How To Choose A Running Coach
A good coach will not only set you up with a training program, but they’ll keep you motivated and accountable, challenge you with a variety of workouts and help prepare you for the long run—no pun intended.

New Runner: Why You Should Keep A Running Log
For someone brand new to the sport, it is recommended to invest in (or make) your own running log.

New Runner: Buying Running Apparel & Accessories
Function and comfort should be at the top of your list; once preferences are narrowed down, you can have fun with fashion, flair and color.

New Runner: Signing Up For A Race
Start with the basics: have a goal, and a perfect beginner goal is a 5K race. But not just any race—one that fits perfectly in your calendar, has just the right amount of pizzaz and checks all the necessary boxes to make for a near-perfect race-day experience.

New Runner: 5K Training Tips For Newbies
Follow these guidelines and enjoy your path to the finish line!

New Runner: The Beginner’s Guide To The Half Marathon
Here’s a foolproof approach for completing 13.1 miles, plus a free training plan.

New Runner: 12 Exercises To Build Your Running Body
You can’t just run if you want to be a runner. These 12 exercises target every muscle that runners need for strength and balance.

New Runner: The 5 Most Troublesome Running Injuries (And How To Get Past Them!)
A quick look at the five most common running injuries, how they manifest themselves and the best ways to treat them.

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