Improve Your Running Form With Clapping A-Skips

This easy (and fun!) drill will help improve your running mechanics.

This easy (and fun!) drill will help improve your running mechanics. 


A-Skips with a clap help you to run “tall” with an erect posture while developing lower-leg strength, encouraging knee lift and promoting an efficient mid-foot strike.


Skip forward, lifting your lead knee to waist-height while keeping your back leg straight as you come off your toe. As you lift your knee, bring both hands underneath your hamstring and gently clap them together. Continue moving forward in this manner, striking the ground with your mid-foot or forefoot and clapping underneath your raised leg. Perform two 30-meter reps, progressing to 50-meter reps once you build strength and coordination.


Do this drill as part of your warm-up routine before speed workouts and races, or as part of a comprehensive drill routine after 2-3 of your easy runs during the week.


— Essential Form Drills for Speed and Efficiency

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