Friday Workout: Hip Strength Circuit

The following Hip Circuit workout is one of six precision exercises in Jay Dicharry’s new book, Running Rewired: Reinvent Your Run for Stability, Strength, and Speed.

Precision workouts are designed to cue smooth movements and build better muscle memory. You can do these workouts in just 15–20 minutes once you get familiar with the movements, and the Hip Circuit does not require any equipment at all—just your body weight.

Try this workout before or after your run, once or twice a week. The workout is listed below, but this video will guide you through the precise movements with input from Jay to ensure you’re doing them correctly.


Time: 15–20 min.
Equipment: none
Rest: 30–45 sec. between each exercise


Twisted Warrior, 10 reps on each leg
Butt Scoots, 20 reps on each side
Pigeon Hip Extension, 10 reps on each side
Glute Rainbow, 10 reps on each side
Standing Hip Circles, 5 reps on each side
Tippy Twist, 8 reps on each side
Burpees, 10 reps
Frog Bridge, 25 reps
Lateral Hurdle Hop, 20 hops

The Running Rewired program is made up of six precision workouts, six performance strength workouts, and three performance power workouts. Each workout has a specific purpose and will fit into your training program differently, depending on your training load and season.

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