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8 Different Types Of Runners You Will Definitely Encounter

Are you a party animal or a weekend warrior? Find out where you fit in among these groups of runners.

I will always talk about my love of the running community over and over again. Never will one meet a bigger and friendlier group of people all striving toward their goals. I’ve been around the block (pun intended) a few times since I started running almost six years ago, and I’ve met many different types of runners.

Even though every single runner is different, they often fall into one of these group below. It’s always good to know how to navigate a situation before jumping in headfirst. So read on to find out the types of crowds you may encounter upon entering the world of running.

The Ultrarunners

These people are crazy. They are also my heroes. Fifty-mile run for fun? That’s just a normal weekend for them. With the endurance of a demigod of Herculean proportions, they’re just simply better then everyone else around them. Organic is the only food superior enough to grace these athletes’ palates, and Whole Foods is their mecca. (Also they all wear really tiny shorts for some reason.)

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The Mickey Mouse Club

I really don’t want to say too much about this group of people who love to run Disney races because who doesn’t love a good Disney movie? What I don’t understand is their seeming love of shoulder-to-shoulder “walks,” exorbitant race fees and stressful sign-ups. But then again, they come away with some of the coolest photos and wear the prettiest princess costumes, so clearly I’m the one missing out.

The Tough Mudders

This group includes all obstacle type races so I apologize if all you Spartans feel left out. Never have I met a race category so coveted just for the prestige and arrogance brought on by a race shirt. Won’t you please let me into your exclusive group? I promise to train extra hard just so I can be voluntarily electrocuted.

The Devoted (aka the Marathoners)

These people are 26.2 percent crazy and 100 percent awesome. They’re also 100 percent likely to have a 26.2 sticker on the back of their car. These runners can work the topic of marathons into literally any conversation. They’re like vegetarians—you always know who they are because they will always tell you.

The Party Animals (aka the Themed Racers)

I’m talking color, foam, chocolate, eggnog and undie runs (even nudes!) Simply there for a good time, these people are never without a good gimmick on the banner. If there’s a cool prize just for showing up, you’ll be sure to find droves of these runners.

The Weekend Warriors

These runners exclusively wear T-shirts from 5Ks. Do other shirts even exist? The answer to that is no, because other shirts don’t tell everyone that you’re an active mid-lifer who races for the middle school fundraiser, the local fire station and puppy shelters all in one calendar year. You’ll find them decked out in compression socks, arm sleeves, sweatbands, water packs and other gear not needed for the 3.1 miles they’re about to embark on.

The Do-Gooders (aka the Charity Racers)

If it involves fundraising and telling everyone what a great cause they’re running for, these runners are all in. They’re constantly asking other people to pay for their running habit, but you can’t really say no. And why would you! After all, the money goes toward amazing causes that need the support.

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The Back-of-the-Packers

This group will forever hold a dear place in my heart long after my running shoes have been retired. I easily fall into this group, so I’m slightly biased. These guys are out there, rain or shine, pounding the pavement for the sheer satisfaction of finishing. Yes, we have our time goals too. But we don’t race for the glory of the win. We race for the love and zest of life it brings us.

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