Cross-Training Classes That Are Great For Runners

Cross-training classes are a great way for runners to strengthen their running by using new muscles.

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Running may always be our number one sport, but it’s always good to try new things. If you are looking to add something new to your workout routine, there are many other activities waiting for you! Cross-training provides lots of opportunities to put new demands on your body.

Other exercises introduce movements that use muscles you may not focus on while pounding the pavement. New stimuli will also improve your overall conditioning. Cross-training also increases the other aspects of your fitness, such as strength and flexibility, which also benefit your running.

There are certain classes at your gym that provide great cross training options that can benefit your running:


A military-style workout, this class blends bodyweight exercises with interval training and strength training.


A cycling class is a phenomenal choice for cardiovascular exercise that will strengthen the lower body without impact.


An interval-training workout with a concrete structure of four minute intervals with eight rounds. Short and intense, this workout will be sure to get your heart pumping.


This workout is just what it sounds like. These are classes that blend martial arts moves with an intense aerobic beat. Kickboxing is a fantastic cardiovascular workout, and has the benefits of toning your entire body, while adding the dimensions of coordination and flexibility.


This class is a great way to work on your flexibility and strength, while incorporating meditative practices that can relax and refocus your mind.

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This class does it all. Pilates improves flexibility, builds core strength and develops control and endurance, while improving coordination and balance.


A must-do workout for strength training and endurance. You rely solely on your own bodyweight for resistance and can increase difficulty as you progress. There’s always room for more!


Barre uses small controlled movements that strengthen your core strength and help your posture. Think ballet as a base for this one.

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