8 Simple Steps To Tackling An Endurance Goal In 2015

Follow these eight simple steps to tackling an endurance goal in the new year.

Follow these eight simple steps to tackling an endurance goal in the new year.

Step 1: Identify your long-term goal and announce it to the world, no matter if that means whispering it to your dog, telling your running buddies or posting it on Facebook.

Step 2: Invite a friend to join you in your quest. Reaching your goal will still be a rich personal achievement, but you’ll be better off with the camaraderie, accountability and support.

Step 3: Do as much early research on your quest as possible. If it’s a race, be ready to sign up as soon as registration opens. If it’s an adventure, read up on it and seek out others who have already done it.

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Step 4: Get the gear! Make an inventory of everything you’ll need to conquer your goal. An epic adventure is going to require good equipment, so make sure you’ve got the shoes, clothing and fuel you’ll need to see it through to the end.

Step 5: Develop several intermediate goals or races in the 10 to 18 months leading up to your big event. Concede short-term sacrifices for the bigger goals you’ve set for yourself. Plot a course to reach your intermediate goals first, all the while keeping the bigger goal as your inspiration.

Step 6: Train right and be consistent. Follow a specific training plan that will lead you up to your intermediate goals and provide building blocks that will help you reach your bigger goal. Consider joining workout groups, hiring a coach or going to a training camp to further your immersion into your quest.

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Step 7: Write inspirational reminders on sticky notes and stick them on your bathroom mirror, on your refrigerator, in your car and next to your computer screen.

Step 8: Once you reach an intermediate goal, assess your strengths and weaknesses and keep moving forward. In the final two to four months of your quest, streamline your life as best possible to focus on your goal. No matter your final results, you’ll be glad you gave it your all.

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