5 Injury Prevention Strategies For New Runners

Follow these guidelines to keep yourself off the injured list.

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Follow these guidelines to keep yourself off the injured list.

For over 30 years as an athlete and coach, I’ve identified the behaviors that can increase your risk of running injuries. Now I’m offering some simple adjustments you can make to avoid being sidelined. And since I’ve been practicing what I preach, I’ve not had a single overuse injury for over 30 years!

My advice comes from working with over 200,000 runners in Galloway training groups, one day running schools, Tahoe retreats, e-coaching and individual consultations. As the runners send me the results of my suggestions, I’ve adjusted the training and the rest. The current “injury-free program” is below, but I continue to look for better ways of avoiding problems and reducing the downtime due to injuries.

Remember: Never push through pain, inflammation or loss of function. If you experience any one of these, stop the run immediately. Continuing to run for another block or another lap will often produce further damage that may require weeks or months off — instead of a few days — to repair.


About The Author:

Olympian Jeff Galloway has helped over 700,000 people improve their lives through his books, beach retreats, running schools and individual consultations. For more information, see his book ‘Getting Started’ or visit