Best-selling author Christopher McDougall will be among the headlining speakers at the National Endurance Sports Summit, Oct. 10-11 at Princeton University in Princeton, N.J.. The second annual endurance sports summit will include two full days of expert-led presentations, panels and clinics about numerous endurance-related topics, including training, racing, nutrition, injury prevention, charity and business. In addition to McDougall, the author of “Born to Run” and “Natural Born Heroes,” other athletes, authors and professionals slated to participate include Karl Meltzer, Ann Trason, Dr. Simon Donato, Travis Macy, Dr. David Horton, Dr. Julie Angel, Lisa Smith-Batchen and Marshall Ulrich.

Event organizer Joe Benun says NESS attendees will have an opportunity to take hard-won wisdom from legends in the endurance sports world and bring it back home and to the workplace. Attendees are encouraged to come for the weekend, a day or even just a session. He says the goal of the conference is leverage endurance sports to empower and transform individuals, their communities, and ultimately, to better world.

“Endurance sports by itself is a great thing, but we’re really trying to elevate them into the community,” Benun says. “We believe that through endurance sports you can learn to shatter your boundaries and do what was thought impossible. We believe that you can  fulfill your greatest life’s goals by learning from those who fulfilled their greatest dreams. And we believe that providing a life changing conference shouldn’t have to cost a month’s rent. That is why we are putting on NESS.”

NESS is an initiative of Team U, a grassroots group that started four years ago at Princeton University. Team, the only intercollegiate fundraising endurance team, is dedicated to improving global health and alleviating poverty. It has since expanded to colleges across the country, with a chapter in Paris, France.

Benun said he and his co-organizers realized that there was something missing in the endurance sports community: a platform to explore the interdisciplinary and socially beneficial aspects to endurance sports. The team also felt that there was something missing in the market—an event where participants can learn and talk directly with the athletes they admire.

The Summit’s interdisciplinary design is integral to the weekend.

“What’s truly unique is the connection between seemingly different speakers as well as participants,” says NESS co-organizerAnna Broome. “We will have cyclists, ultra-runners, mountaineers, triathletes, academics, and many others coming together to learn, connect, and empower others to do the same. It increases the current endurance sports network in an incredible way.”

For more about the National Endurance Sports Summit, visit the NESS event website.