These days running shoes are brighter, faster, and more innovative in design than the old standard sneaker. The options in style and design are endless, and sometimes it can get overwhelming understanding which shoes are supposed to maximize your running experience. As if it couldn’t get any more confusing , these five futuristic running shoes will change everything you thought you knew about running technology. Don’t let the space-age looks scare you though, these shoes are meant to promote less impact and your legs will be thanking you every step of the way.

On Cloudsurfer

The bumpy-like ridges of the On Cloudsurfer are designed to absorb vertical as well as horizontal impact while running and provide cushioning while also transforming downward energy into forward momentum. In our wear-tests, the system lives up to its name, providing a cushioned landing every time.


Reebok ATV 19

The ATV 19 may look strange, but there’s a reason for the octopus-like treads. Featuring 19 individual “lugs” on the sole, these shoes are meant to rip through all sorts of terrain. Originally designed for the Reebok Spartan Race, a national obstacle racing series that sends competitors running through mud and over numerous obstacles, these lugs help provide exceptional traction on undulating terrain.



This amphibious shoe looks as if it’s meant for water sports rather than for running. However, the Ultra provides a barefoot experience unlike any other minimalist design, allowing flexibility in foot movement and terrain. No need to wear socks for this shoe either. It has a removable inner sock in case of wetter conditions.


Adidas Springblade

Here’s a unique shoe for the road runner. The Adidas Springblade has forgone a solid outsole and midsole and switched them out for 16 lightweight tuned polymer blades. Each blade is tuned to a different level of stiffness, giving a runner a light bouncing sensation as if they were running on air. Our wear-tests found that it’s definitely not the shoe for everyone.


Kangoo Jumps

Although not exclusively designed for running, Kangoo Jumps are by far the oddest form of athletic shoes out there. It’s a cross between jumping on a trampoline and running at the same time. As long as you don’t mind resembling a Kangaroo when you run, these shoes provide various health benefits and may be more fun than your average running shoes.

MSRP: Ranges between $180 – $300