Like a personal trainer in your phone, apps can assist, coach and train you for a fraction of the cost, if not no cost — anytime, anywhere.


Best Running App

RunKeeper — $0

A GPS unit, workout log and virtual coach that’s compatible with almost any of your other training gadgets, RunKeeper is your best virtual running companion. Log in and you have nearly everything at your fingertips—preset running routes that your phone’s GPS will track for you while you run, auto pause for quick stops at stop lights, and audio cues from your virtual running coach or your downloaded training program. After its 2011 revamp, it was released as a free app.

Best Health And Fitness App

Map My Fitness — $0

For one app that does it all, Map My Fitness is it. Find a running route, track your stats, sync your GPS watch, compare your progress and log your nutrition on your iPhone, Android or Blackberry with this free app. Ditch the ads and add a photography feature for $1.99 on your iPhone to share photos from your run with friends.

Best Cross-Training App

Nike Training Club — $0

This cross-training app offers an endless variety of workouts that can be personalized—you choose the amount of time you work out, which strength-based or cardio-based exercises you want and which body parts to work. Each exercise is demonstrated by pro athletes so you can perfect your form. Earn new workouts and get training advice by building up your training time.