Ultra marathoner Kevin Lin was the victim of a drugging in Iran. Photo: AFP

A disgruntled employee is the prime suspect.

Some strange news out of Taiwan: According to a report from the AFP, three world-class marathoners were recently slipped the “date rape drug” Rohypnol while they were in Iran. The drug was supposedly given to them in their drinking water.

One of the runners, Kevin Lin, is from Taiwan and the other two are from China (Bai Bin and Chen Jun).

“The runners are fine now after hospital treatment and the Iranian government is investigating the incident,” said a joint representative from the two teams.

Taiwan’s CTI cable news is reporting that a disgruntled former employee is to blame for the drugging.

Lin is known as Taiwan’s first ultra marathoner. In 2006, he won the RTP (Racing the Planet) four deserts championship. In April, he embarked for the “Running the Silk Road” challenge in Turkey. That race is a 10,000 kilometer-long event that spans across six countries. The course follows the ancient trade route. It is to end in Xian, China in September.

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