The Snowman Trek in Bhutan is considered one of the hardest trails in the world and normally takes brave souls about 25 to 30 days to successfully complete. On Thursday, May 17, moviegoers will get the chance to watch ultramarathoners Ben Clark, Timothy Olson, Anna Frost and Chris Ord attempt to make their way across the 188.5 miles of Himalayan landscapes to try and set a new speed record.

The documentary follows the four athletes and their guide across the trail in hopes of finishing the trek in only 15 days. “I was right on the edge of not coming back from hypothermia, I was so cold,” narrates Frost in the trailer.

“In the end, the mountains make it, and sometimes they don’t let you pass. You’ve just got to be super grateful when they do,” explains the trailer’s voice over.

Following the movie will be a previously-recorded Q&A with the athletes and behind-the-scenes footage. “Audiences will experience the environments just as we did when they fly over the Himalayas, explore the landscapes and feel the team’s truest emotions,” said Clark. Tickets are available now and a full list of participating theaters can be viewed here.

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