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Back On The Bus: Treadmill Survival 101

Yesterday morning , Sunday, I woke up at 5:30am in a mild state of panic. I made coffee, apparently so that I could ratchet up the panic a few notches with a 300-mg bolt of fresh-brewed caffeine. Why the duress? Because I’d planned to do a 14-mile long run and I knew-because of my lingering […]

Back On The Bus: Sort Of…

OK, so I want to get back on the bus, but the bus is turning out to be a 30-year-old VW van in need of an overhaul. The illotibial band remains cranky. After much trial and error I found a way to get in my daily run using a complicated mixture of stretching, icing, foam […]

Back On The Bus: IT Band Woes

Illiotibial band syndrome is one of the more annoying running injuries you can get. It’s like having a pit bull clenched into the side of your knee. I can say this with accuracy because it’s exactly what I have right now. Here’s the Wikipedia description of IT band syndrome: “ITBS is one of the leading […]

Samuelson Running New York City Marathon

The 2009 edition of the NYC Marathon will mark the 25th anniversary of her Olympic triumph at the distance. American distance legend Joan Benoit Samuelson has announced she will run the 2009 ING New York City Marathon. Samuelson continues to run at a high level despite the fact that she is 52 years old. The […]

Back On The Bus: Looks Like I’ll Be Racing Ryan Hall

That’s right, a press release from Ryan Hall’s sponsor, Asics, indicates that the 2:06 marathoner will be targeting the 2009 ING NYC Marathon. We will be racing each other. Of course, in a way we’re on the same team. We’re both coached by Terrence Mahon, the Mammoth TC coach and head of Run Mammoth, the […]

Ryan Hall Committed For 2009 NYC Marathon

Hall will look to follow up on his top-three performance in Boston. American distance running star Ryan Hall has committed to running the 2009 ING New York City Marathon. Hall ran a spectacular race finishing third in the 2009 Boston Marathon with a time of 2:09:30. Hall currently sits number two all time on the […]

Back On The Bus: On Patience

“You heavens, give me that patience, patience I need!”-King Lear Be a distance runner long enough and you’ll rack up experience fielding questions from non-runners on how or why you do it. If you choose to answer questions about marathon training, inevitably someone will respond, “I could never do it. I’d get bored.” Perhaps we […]

Back On The Bus: Learning From My Mistakes

Here’s a bunch of terms you likely don’t know unless you get into distance running: illiotibial band, plantar fasciitis, piriformis sciatica, deep rotators, black toe, patella tendonitis. There are plenty more, but these are some that drift first into my mind, each with a sense memory for me to wince at. Unless you study or […]

Back On The Bus: Training For the NYC Marathon, Terrence Mahon Style

Former 2:38 marathoner, and Inside Triathlon editor-in-chief, TJ Murphy will document his road up to the 2009 ING New York City Marathon with weekly updates here on TJ will be guided along the way by Terrence Mahon, coach to such distance stars as Olympians Ryan Hall and Deena Kastor. Terrence has joined up with […]

Spots Available To Run ING New York City Marathon With Team Reeve

Source:  Running USA Industry E-News The Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation today announced that it has a limited number of spots available for the 2009 ING New York City Marathon. Recently, Matthew Reeve, son of Christopher Reeve and member of the Board of Directors of the Reeve Foundation, announced he will run the 2009 ING […]