Out There: The Music That Sticks With Us

Why do certain songs get stuck in our head when we run? I don’t listen to music when I run. Instead, I use my workouts as a time to be in my own head without distraction. I think about what I’m going to write in this column, solve problems that have nagged at me for […]

How to Match Your Music to Your Stride

The pace of your music can affect the pace of your run. Make sure your song choices are helping you. Depending on your musical preference, here’s the best breakdown for beats per minute (bpm) to match your steps and stride: One step per beat: 150–190 bpm One stride cycle per beat: 75–95 bpm If your […]

3 Tips to Run Safe With Headphones

Music is a nice addition to your runs, but here’s how to make it safe. You can’t hear as well with headphones, but there are steps you can take to improve safety, says Todd Williams, a two-time Olympic runner in the 1990s who now puts on RunSafer clinics at running stores across the U.S. A […]

Headphones Made For Runners, By Runners

Competitor Magazine’s founder Bob Babbitt met up with the makers of Auria headphones to find out more about this new running focused company. See what we get when runners make headphones for runners.