Neal Collick: Father-Son Bonding Through Running

[brightcove id=”4342296184001″] “I’m still defining my life,” says Neal Collick. “I’m part Marine, part runner, all Dad.” Collick picks through the 40 medals and trophies hanging from the handmade shelf that he built with his 12-year-old son, Chase. He points out Chase’s first shiny orange participation ribbon from the children’s Whipper Snapper race during the […]

Emily Schaller: Fighting Cystic Fibrosis Through Running Part 2

[brightcove id=”4313981082001″] “Whaddaya think?” asks Emily Schaller, a sartorial delight in her blue-soled nubuck shoes, pink pants, denim shirt and bowtie. The bowtie is for Rock CF’s inaugural Bubbles and Bowties fundraiser, currently in full party mode under a white tent in a Grosse Pointe, Mich., parking lot. Rock CF is Schaller’s nonprofit organization that […]