drug testing

Why Positive Drug Tests Are A Good Thing

Finding and punishing a user is a success for that sport, not a setback. Written by: Aaron Hersh News that National League MVP first baseman Ryan Braun tested positive for performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) in October leaked this week and the reaction has been predictably indignant, but the anger hasn’t been directed entirely at the […]

IAAF To Begin Using Biological Passport

The IAAF hopes this new program will further improve drug screening. Beginning this month, the IAAF is taking a new step to combat the use of banned substances by track and field athletes. The federation is now using the “Athlete Biological Passport” (ABP) program. The IAAF notes the ABP is comprised of three modules: haematological, […]

Hematide: The New, Undetectable EPO?

New drug aimed at helping patients with kidney problems could be the latest performance enhancer in athletics. Anti-doping authorities are keeping a close eye on a newly developed drug that helps produce more red blood cells but stays in the body longer, meaning its recipients don’t need to undergo as many treatments. Hematide, which mimics […]