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Boston Marathon coverage for the entire week of racing and running with results, race analysis, interviews with participants, officials and professional runners.

Quadriplegic Athlete Has Unfinished Business at Boston

In June 2016, Matt Wetherbee was left paralyzed after going head first into a wall during a pick-up basketball game. Severely damaging his spinal cord, Wetherbee was transported to the hospital where he spent two months facing a number of complications, and ultimately relocating to a rehabilitation center. Since that time, Wetherbee has continued to […]

3 Elites Drop Out of Boston Due to Injuries

At 2:45 p.m. PST today elite marathon runner Sarah Hall tweeted, “Incredibly sad to not be toeing the line on Patriot’s Day despite pouring my heart and soul into this buildup. Boston, I’ll be back for you.” Hall announced her disappointment in dropping out of Boston due to an injury to her sacroiliac joint saying, […]

5th Anniversary of Boston Bombings Incites Tightened Security

This year marks the fifth anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombings. With the annual event taking place in a little under two weeks, the city is tightening security, even though no known threats have been posed. “At this point in time, I can tell you neither the FBI, other U.S. government agencies or our state […]

How & Where to Watch the Boston Marathon

This month, the Boston Marathon will celebrate its 122nd anniversary on April 16. Each year more than 30,000 entrants participate in the elite event. If you’re looking to attend the race or watch from home, here’s what you need to know. Depending on their division, competitors will take off at different times with the first […]

Yes, There Is a Dunkin’ Donuts Running Shoe

Running just got a whole lot sweeter, thanks to a collaboration between Dunkin’ Donuts and Saucony. Ahead of the 2018 Boston Marathon, the two Boston-based companies have merged their best assets – the Kinvara 9 from Saucony and sprinkles from Dunkin’ – to create a limited-edition shoe that Runs on Dunkin’. Using the Dunkin’ brand’s […]

5 Boston Charity Runners Tell Their Stories

For some runners, competing in the Boston Marathon is not only about achieving an athletic dream, it’s about running with a higher purpose. To them, qualifying is only the beginning of their story. These are the ones who fight for others by using their gift to create awareness, raise money and honor the people and causes that matter the most in their […]