Stretching—that one thing we usually “forget” to do, even though we know we really need to! Get to it with this easy yoga-inspired routine targeting the major muscle groups used most during running. Do these stretches after your workouts to keep your legs feeling good and reduce your risk of injury.

Hold each for 30 seconds or more. Perform on both sides.

Calf stretch

Get into a downward dog position, lowering your heels all the way to the floor if you can. To deepen the stretch, bring one knee forward or place your foot behind the opposite ankle to really target the lower leg.

Quad/hip stretch

Get down on one knee with the other leg bent out in front of you. Place hands on the thigh and lean forward to stretch the quad and hip on the lower leg.

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Hamstring stretch

Start in the same position as the last stretch. Then sit back to straighten out the front leg with your hands on the floor, feeling the stretch in the back of the leg.

Butt stretch

Sit with legs straight out in front of you and bring one foot to the outside of the other knee. Hold your knee with your arm or hand and twist your torso inward. Make sure to keep both sit bones on the ground to target the buttocks. Place hand behind you and twist further for a deeper stretch. (This one feels really good after running hills!)

Routine by Lindsay at Fit Mix Mom. See more on Facebook and Instagram — fitness motivation, workouts, healthy recipes and more!