As a workout tracker, fitness monitor and multisport training tool in one, Moov is a seriously versatile device. From its perch on the ankle it records a multitude of information about running technique that a typical activity tracker or GPS watch cannot. Matched with the app, it’s a full-blown training Sherpa displaying speed and distance to go along with the stride data. Its catalog of pre-programmed audio workouts delivered through ear buds, though, isn’t ideally suited to distance running (but it offers plenty of cross-training workouts). For a single do-it-all device, use Moov (or the second-generation Moov Now, released last month) as an activity tracker between workouts and bring your phone along on runs or during cross-training sessions, including cycling, swimming and various gym-based activities, and all of your bases will be covered.


What it does

Moov tracks training—running and more—plus activity between workouts.

How it’s better

It’s a single device that performs two functions well.

Why you need it

Supercharge a workout-tracking app with data about your run technique.

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