The new "NO JOGGING" sign can be seen at the entrance to one of the Oregon wildlife refuges. Photo: Statesman Journal

Apparently the rule has been in effect for years.

It’s expected that when one enters a wildlife sanctuary, some things will be forbidden like ATVs, loud machinery, blaring music, and fireworks. But running?

According to a report in the Statesman Journal, jogging has been banned at the following wildlife refuges in Oregon’s Willamette Valley: Baskett Slough, Ankeny, and William L. Finley.

“I had no idea,” said runner Tracy Gannawa of the new sign. “It seems kind of silly. Runners and hikers put pretty much the same amount of wear on the trails. And this is Oregon, we run everywhere.”

Apparently, the regulation has been in place for years, but the signs are new.

“It might be a new sign, but jogging has never been allowed in the [Willamette] wildlife refuges,” said biologist Jock Beall. “We do see people out running. We just stop them and explain the rules. We tell them it’s not a park, it’s a wildlife refuge.”

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