Get to know runners from all over the globe on’s 20 Runner’s You Should Be Following On Instagram. These runners will force you to get off the couch and seek stunningly scenic running trails of Instagram-worthiness. The list is diverse, with runners of various backgrounds including a costumed ultramarathoner and a Disney-princess-themed runner. Check out the list, be inspired, run and snap a few pictures on your phone. Here’s a preview of the running instagrammers:


Scott Jurek (@scottjurek): One of the greatest ultra-marathoners out there, he snaps loads of beautiful mountain scenery on his long runs.


Leigh Marsh (@msprincessleigh): Besides her clever instagram name, you’ll get a kick out of all the tiara and bling in this Disney Princess/runner’s photos.


Steve Clemons (@vo2_max): World traveler and runner combined leads to jaw-dropping  instagram photos!


Ashley Ringo Walsh (@ashruns100s): This running babe is from the deep South and offers some truly scenic trails in her photos.