California man has gone for a run every day for more than half his life.

Mark Covert has run every day since July 23, 1968.

On July 23 of this year, that 45-year streak will come to an end.

Covert recently wrote on his website that an injury to his right foot is causing him a great deal of pain and he’s limited to “hobbling,” instead of running. The 62-year-old has also gotten into cycling, which is a pain-free workout for him.

“My right foot has a total mid foot collapse and does not do much of anything anymore,” Covert wrote. “I walk with a limp and when I run, it is more like a hobble. There are days when a hobble is a good day!”

Covert coaches the Antelope Valley College cross-country and track & field teams in Lancaster, Calif. He said this latest track season, which had him hosting six meets that led to 15-hour days, took a toll on his feet.

After borrowing his son-in-law’s bike earlier this year, he was hooked on cycling.

“Once on the bike, I found that I could really push myself and get back to training,” Covert wrote. “This is something I have missed due to my painful foot problem. Everyone that knows me, knows that I love to train and train hard.

“I have my own bike now and it is allowing me to know this feeling again. Since track season has ended, I am able to get in my run of a few miles each day, and then ride 15–30 miles with the idea that I can train to ride 60-70 miles.”

Covert is writing a book about his streak, which is believed to be the longest active streak in the U.S. He will, however, be surpassed by Jon Sutherland once he’s finished. Sutherland’s streak started less than a year after Covert’s.

British citizen Ron Hill owns the longest streak, having run at least a mile every day since December 20, 1964.