The 27-year-old didn’t even see it coming.

It was a nightmare scenario for Krystine Rivera.

The 27-year-old had been out for a 7-mile run in Northern Virginia, when 5 miles into it, an SUV driven by a 71-year-old woman struck a deer that went airborne and subsequently hit Rivera.

When Rivera came to, she was lying in an ambulance with a paramedic telling her that he would have to cut off her favorite running shirt because it was covered in deer blood.

She told The Washington Post she doesn’t recall seeing the deer that hit her. “I was running, then I was on the ground and then was listening to the paramedic. I’m surprised I made it out alive,” she admitted.

Rivera is an administrative analyst and says she’s been a runner for the past five years and just began to tackle marathons last year.

“I’d thought that the run would make me feel better after work,” she said.

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