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Run College: Optimize Your Stride

In this exclusive course for Outside+ members, Jay Dicharry teaches you how to maximize your stability and durability for more efficient, less stressful miles ahead.

What strengths and skills do you need to have an effective running stride? There’s a lot of noise out there — it’s hard to know where to focus your attention. In this first ever course in the new Run College series brought to you by PodiumRunner and Women’s Running, we’ll lay out the facts to help you build a plan for success, and give you the specific tools you need to run smoother, stronger and healthier!


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Available free to Outside+ members, Run College: Optimize Your Stride is an online course that will teach you how to build a better body to create a stride that reduces stress and increases your running efficiency. Drawing on his extensive knowledge and experience working with runners of all abilities, instructor Jay Dicharry understands the underlying causes of stride issues and what works to fix and prevent them. No matter what level you are now, you’ll become a stronger, more durable, and more powerful runner as you progress through these workouts that you can do by yourself at home with minimal equipment.

You’ll first learn essential posture cues, then work through key exercises to improve your balance and control. Finally, you’ll advance to workouts designed to improve your durability, strength and power.  The workouts progress as you gain skill and strength and, at the end of each segment, you’ll view a Q&A discussion between Jay Dicharry and PodiumRunner Editor-in-Chief Jonathan Beverly on common runner’s questions around gait training and improving your stride.  

What You’ll Get

Dicharry will guide you though dozens of exercises, explaining why each is important and ensuring proper form and sequencing. You’ll teach your mind and muscles to better control and optimize movements at the foot, knee, hip, core and upper body.  Then you’ll progress to a series of workouts to improve the power, efficiency and endurance of your:

• Hip Drive
• Knee Drive
• Postural Control
• Balanced Stability

You’ll be able to download clear and detailed descriptions of all the workouts to take with you as you learn the sequences and to keep as a reference.

Optimize Your Stride is like getting personal advice from one of the world’s best running physical therapists. This course expands on Dicharry’s previous books and articles, presenting a complete plan to build a better stride in an easy-to-follow format.


Meet Your Instructor

Jay Dicharry is a physical therapist, biomechanics researcher, teacher and author. His expertise in injury prevention, rehab, and performance training is sought out by athletes across the world. Jay literally wrote the book on running gait assessments, and he blends his knowledge and experience in clinical practice, coaching, and engineering to creatively solve the root causes of injury problems and optimize performance. 

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