$25, pro-tecathletics.com

Highlight: More invigorating and less punishing on muscles

A 5-inch, high-density foam ball is wrapped in muscle-massaging nubs for deep relief of quads, hamstrings and your lower back. Place it on the floor or wall and use your body weight for an invigorating massage. It’s less intense than a lacrosse ball or golf ball, meaning longer massage sessions.

$25, tptherapy.com

Highlight: Loosens up a tight back

Melt away back and neck stress after long runs with this easily adjustable tool. It looks like a mini barbell with a small, no-slip, MB1 massage ball on either end. Have it in the closed position to target smaller muscles and open to work larger back muscles.

$45, addaday.com

Highlight: New twist on the old roller

This hurts, but in a good way! With a nine-sided design of raised, soft foam ovals wrapped around a solid foam core, this goes beyond standard foam rolling. Yes, it works like a roller, but it also digs deep to target fascia and help improve mobility.

$90, vibracool.com

Highlight: Two-pronged therapy for knee and ankle pain

Ice relieves pain but can cause muscles to tighten. Vibration improves circulation. With ice packs, a vibration unit and a comfortable neoprene sleeve, this kit lets you reap the benefits of both. The high-pitched vibration unit runs for 10 minutes. You can even stretch with it in place to help with muscle mobility.

$40, quattropromassager.com

Highlight: Foam roller and ball alternative

Designed by a chiropractor, this hand-held massager has four removable rollers to work major muscle groups from your neck to your feet. The knobs can be heated for a deeper release—which felt incredible on sore calves. The heat helps muscles relax, allowing for more intense trigger point work.

$50, rumbleroller.com

Highlight: The ultimate roller for masochists

This evil looking roller is just the tool for cross-frictional massage. Instead of only using it as a roller, which you certainly should do, lie on the roller and shift your body weight one or two inches while maintaining skin contact. Much like a massage, you’ll feel a tugging and release of the underlying muscles.