The famous Johnny Kelley statue at the base of heartbreak hill. Photo: WBZ

At the top of the list is the story behind the most famous hill on the course.

As a way to commemorate the 115th running of the historic Boston Marathon, Universal Sports’ Joe Battaglia summarizes what he considers to be five of the most memorable Boston Marathon moments.

At the top of the list, is the marathon landmark that sits at the last of the rolling Newton Hills: the feared precipice known as “Heartbreak Hill”. The famous hill received its name when John A. Kelley caught Ellison “Tarzan” Brown at the 1936 edition of the race. The story goes that Kelley tapped Brown on the shoulder when he passed him in the early part of the series of hills. However, Brown wasn’t out of it. He caught back up to Kelley on the final hill. Boston Globe reporter Jerry Nason wrote that when Brown did so he was “breaking Kelley’s heart.”

Kelley went on to run the marathon for nearly seven decades and the statue depicts the younger Kelley holding hands with the older Kelley.

The statue is located at the base of the hill.

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