Run a PR in the 5K thanks to the help of zombies. Photo:

The good news is that they won’t eat you.

Fans of the zombie movies “28 Days Later” and “Zombieland” take note: You may get your chance to run from zombies.

Universal Sports is reporting that a race called “Run For Your Lives” is being held this October in Darlington, Marlyand. Touting the race as first-of-its-kind, organizers claim that runners will navigate 12 obstacles over a 5K course while avoiding zombies. The runners will then have choices to make as to which is the easiest and safest way to get to the finish.

Have no fear: the zombies aren’t real. Runners will wear flags, which the zombies will try to take. The cost for this madness? Sixty-seven dollars.

The race also advertises that local celebrities will be taking part. In addtion to the 5K, organizers are staging an “Apocalypse Party” in which runners can “sing, dance, and scream all day with live entertainment…an East Coast headliner will be rocking the stage at 9 p.m.”

More about the race can be found here.

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