The following exercise demonstrations are meant to be a resource to support either the 6-week introduction to Brian MacKenzie’s Crossfit Endurance training (see the feature story in the June issue of Competitor Magazine) or the more advanced 12-week version here on

The photos in these galleries are to be used as a starting point to help familiarize you with the exercises. We highly recommend that anyone interested in committing to the Crossfit program seek out a Crossfit gym or Crossfit Endurance program. For listings go to or

Special thanks to C.J. Martin, the owner of Crossfit Invictus in San Diego, and his three coaches who modeled for the galleries: Nuno Costas, Nichole DeHart and Shane Farmer. All three are currently training to compete in the Crossfit Games this summer. DeHart offered some words of advice for anyone deciding to give Crossfit a try. “Don’t be intimidated,” she says. “I had no athletic experience at all when I started. It’s more accessible than you might think.”

All photos by Scott Draper/Competitor.

Air squat side view 1
Air squat side view 2.
Air squat, starting position.
Air-squat finish
Back extension finish
Back extension starting position.
Box jump airborne 2
Box jump airborne
Box jump finish.
Box jump starting position
Deadlift 1
Deadlift 2
Deadlift 3
Deadlift 4
Dips finishi position.
Dips starting position
Headstand pushup 1
Headstand pushup 2
Headstand pushup 3
Hollow Rock 1
Hollow Rock 2
Hollow Rock 3
Hollow Rock 4
Kettlebell swing finish
Kettlebell swing start
Lunge finish.
Lunge starting position
Press 1
Press 2
Press 3
Pull-up finish.
Pull-up Start
Push-up starting position.
Push-up, finish.
Sit-up finish position.
Situp starting position.
Supine row finish
Supine row starting position.