Fuel Buzz: Invigorade

The new "endurance drink" offers a proprietary blend of ingredients designed for maximum performance.

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The sports drink market is a competitive one, all trying to chip into the market share of industry giants like Gatorade and Powerade.

One of the newest drinks on the market is Invigorade, a company based in Hermosa Beach, Calif., which markets itself as an “endurance drink.” Invigorade has no artificial flavors or preservatives and has taken a unique approach to its ingredients.

Specifically, Invigorade has a proprietary ratio of a tri-carbohydrate blend consisting of dextrose, maltodextrin and pure cane sugar which Invigorade claims is an ideal combination to increase energy and minimize GI distress—two positives any endurance athlete can get behind.

Our testers tried all three flavors—tropical punch, orange mango and coconut—during and after a long run, and definitely liked the taste of tropical punch best. We also enjoyed the coconut flavor, which tasted a bit like a coconut water/sports drink hybrid.

Invigorade is sold on their website for $24.99 (12-pack).

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