Muscle Ultrasound
Photo: Courtesy of MuscleSound

Some days you just don’t feel up to running yet can’t explain why. Why does your body feel blah? With a new muscle ultrasound, you are able to measure the level of energy stored in your muscles. That score may very well explain the flat feeling and why running just doesn’t appeal on a given day.

How It Works

Similar to the noninvasive device employed for pregnancy checkups, muscle ultrasound takes images from various parts of your body to determine muscle fuel levels. This can give clues as to metabolism, digestion, immune system, glucose levels and stress. The test results even advise as to disparities between the different sides of your body.


Screen Shot 2017-09-28 at 10.51.39 AM
Photo: The writer’s test results show how the left and right calves vary in amounts of fuel.

Because a single molecule of glycogen surrounds itself with three molecules of water, an ultrasound image of muscle energy shows up darker. MuscleSound, the company offering the test, then applies its patented software, using an algorithm to determine your score. Athletes can use the information to gauge their readiness. Teams and individuals can get regular scans to figure out causes and effects of training, nutrition and lifestyle factors to help optimize performance.

Test Options

Muscle ultrasound also gives highly accurate body composition analyses, instead of calipers, using measurements at a variety of locations on the body. Both the muscle fuel and body comp tests are quick—less than five minutes. Since they only require a handheld ultrasound device and a tablet with MuscleSound software, results are immediate.

Though the company’s headquarters is near Denver (tests can be done there), MuscleSound is working with fitness centers, physical therapists and other sports professionals to bring the system to individuals and teams worldwide.

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