A 54-year-old homeless man uses running to stay healthy and do good. 

On July 27, self-taught artist and runner Ronnie Goodman, who is homeless, ran in the second half of the San Francisco Marathon and helped raise $10,000 for Hospitality House, a nonprofit that provides community programs with a focus on fostering self-sufficiency and cultural enrichment. Goodman raffled off an original art piece that would give back to the organization that has continued to support him in his work. For more than 10 years Goodman has been involved with Hospitality House’s Community Arts Program (CAPS), a program that has helped him among several other San Francisco artists in providing a free-of-charge art studio and art supplies for those who can’t afford it.

Goodman, who has been homeless for two years and sleeps in a tent under Highway 101, lives a simple life, painting in a rented studio and running on a daily basis. His dream to run a race one day finally came true when friends and readers moved by a San Francisco Chronicle story about him helped pay for new shoes and the $120 race entrance fee.

Although Goodman already ran the San Francisco Half Marathon (in 1:43) on July 27 and the opportunity to donate has passed, this video promoting his run is a reminder of the million different reasons we as runners are all inspired to run. Listen to his story.

“I really don’t want too much,” Goodman says in the video.” I just want to get up, stay healthy and just enjoy this moment right here. Every runner wants that.”