Chuck Engle has won over half the marathons he’s finished.

Even though he’s not running world-class times, Chuck Engle is a marathon winner. The 41-year-old recently set a marathon win record when he took first at the River City Run in Folsom,CA.

The world record was previously held by Helge Hafsas of Norway.

Since he first started running in 2000, Engle has completed 287 marathons, winning more than half of them.

“My original goal last year was to finish a marathon win in all 50 states [before I turned 41],” Engle said. “Once you’ve won a marathon in all 50 states, you’re kind of high on the stat sheet. I didn’t think it was a question of if I would [break it], it was when. So it wasn’t just really, ‘Hey, let’s get out and get a record.'”

Engle’s marathon PR is two hours, 31 minutes, and one second.

“I’m a mediocre runner at best,” Engle said. ‘There’s at least 4,000 marathon times that have been better than me this year — in the world.”

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