The detective has run under 3 hours at Boston.

Running from the law may be one thing, but trying to flee from a police officer who happens to be a sub-3-hour marathoner is something entirely different.

ABC30 out of Fresno, Calif. is reporting that suspect Michael David Buchanan was recently apprehended by Detective Rudy Montoya after a break in at the Wasabi Sushi restaurant.

Along with speedy marathons, Montoya also runs ultras.

“It’s ironic that this guy chose to have Rudy Montoya chase him — he wasn’t going to get away,” said Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer.

Buchanan allegedly threw a rock through the window of the restaurant and that he only took $5.

“I think he knew what he was doing, calm, taking his time — went out the windows, never got caught,” said manager Edward Kim.

He has been connected to 20 other break-ins in the area, but court records show that he has only been charged with seven burglaries in Northeast Fresno.

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