Joseph Tame and his iRun harness. Photo: Cnet
Joseph Tame and his iRun harness. Photo: Cnet

It weighs six pounds and can do almost anything.

Check out this video of the iRun in action.

As if the Digital Age couldn’t get more surreal, one man has built a contraption that will allow visitors on the Web to watch every step of his marathon. That’s right, next weekend Joseph Tame will brave rubbing elbows with 30,000 participants in the Tokyo Marathon while wearing one crazy-looking contraption. The gear is a support system for two iPhones for video, two iPhones for GPS and networking software, an iPad that will display Twitter messages, an Android handset, three–count them–three wi-fi routers, as well as monitors that will give him biofeedback (heart trate, ambient temperature and CO2 levels).

Let’s hope for his sake it doesn’t rain.

Tame is calling the framework he’s created an “iRun” rig. The device apparently weighs over six pounds. He’s run a marathon before with an iPhone, but never with a device such as this. A self-described lover of “wacky projects”, Tame has pulled other technology-meets-running stunts, such as running out a 28-mile mile GPS drawing of Hello Kitty in Tokyo’s Shinjuku district.

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