Noel Bresland runs in London's "Eye". Photo: Getty Images

He did it in under four hours on a treadmill.

Following the tragic death of his nephew, Ethan, Noel Bresland became the first person ever to run a marathon inside of London’s “Eye” Ferris wheel. Bresland ran on a treadmill while the wheel rotated. He completed the “Eyethon” in 3 hours and 51 minutes.

Bresland was completing the feat to raise money for the Children with Leukemia and Bliss charities. “I launched this after the death of my nephew, Ethan who was born 15 weeks premature and lived for 223 days,” he said before hopping on the treadmill. Bresland wants to complete 223 marathons in 10 years.

‘I am determined to reach my ultimate goal of 223 marathons and you haven’t seen the last of me, as having overcome my fear of heights, we are now developing plans for a marathon in a plane and hot air balloon,” he announced.

The event on the Eye was officially called the Deloitte London Eyeathon. Bresland is a senior manager with Deloitte.

Bresland’s next marathon will be the Virgin London Marathon where he is dressing up as “Little Miss Naughty”.

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