A Japanese ketchup manufacturer is developing wearable fuel technology for athletes.

From luxury cars to vending machines that stock sushi and pantyhose, Japan is now paving the way for wearable food technology. Last week, Nagoya-based food company Kagome released a promotional video for the Wearable Tomato Project. The project aims to develop the world’s first wearable tomato that athletes can easily consume while running or working out.

“We are still at the developing stages, but the finalized product won’t be something simple which you could wear on the hands. It’s probably going to look more like a backpack,” a spokesman at the company told “Japan Real Time” of the Wall Street Journal.

Kagome has also indicated that this “backpack” won’t resemble a juice dispenser like a hydration pack, but aims to allow athletes to ingest whole tomatoes.

Certainly, the amino and citric acids in tomatoes helps to convert glucose into energy and reduces inflammation, which makes it a beneficial mid-run fuel. However, the beta-carotene-rich fruit is also difficult to store and eat while on the run. Hence, why one of Kagome’s developers was inspired to invent the wearable tomato as a quick workout meal to replace a more commonly used fruit for fueling, the banana. The above video outlines this in a comic display of tomato testing.

The wearable tomato’s unveiling is scheduled in time for the Tokyo Marathon Expo on Feb. 19. It should compliment the tomatoes and pickled plums served at the marathon’s aid stations.