DHL is hiring local talent to help fight congestion.

Running is taking on a new meaning in the lead up to the Summer Olympics in London. According to a report posted on the Sports Illustrated Web site, the delivery service DHL is turning to athletes to help out.

From July 27 to August 12, close to 5 million people will crowd England’s capital city to spectate. This will cause certain congestion, which is where the runners come in.

DHL has contracted with London-based foot courier service JogPost to help out.

JogPost’s co-founder JJ Harding calls his team of 400 runners “congestion busters”.

“During Olympic chaos and gridlock, we’ll still be able to get crucial documents to business,” he noted. “We’re able to do long-distance delivery much faster with public transport. Bikes can’t go on trains.” Harding thinks his runners have an edge over courier cyclists.”

“They generally run somewhere between five or six miles a day,” Harding said of his team. “Obviously we don’t want them running half marathons every day.”

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