Write Down Some Goals
Add A Second Goal
Keep Walking After A Race
Eat Within 30 Minutes
Hop In The Tub
Walk The Next Day
Walk-Jog To Recover
Gradually Rebuild

Eight tips for a smooth transition between your last goal and your next.

In training for a significant goal, you’ve improved fitness, attitude and energy level. This does not have to go away after the race. By setting other projects and goals before the race (or immediately afterward), you can maintain your enhanced fitness and move ahead to other interesting experiences. These tips have helped my ecoach clients and Galloway Training members get back on the road again.


About The Author:

Olympian Jeff Galloway has helped over 700,000 people improve their lives through his books, beach retreats, running schools and individual consultations. For more information, see his book ‘Getting Started’ or visit www.RunInjuryFree.com.