With more and more runners are taking off their shoes, is this a trend that will last?

According to an article posted on the New Haven Advocate, the recent trend in barefoot running may not be some passing fad. It may be here to say. In the article, Glen Colello, a cross-country coach and owner of a fitness cafe, is one example of a recent convert to barefoot running. “For me, it’s about connecting to nature. I was into being barefoot way before I knew the concept of barefoot running,” he said.

Like most barefoot enthusiasts, Colello was motivated to run sans shoes after reading Christopher McDougall’s best seller, “Born to Run”. In addition, he got in touch with Michael Sandler and Jessica Lee, coauthors of “Barefoot Running: How to Run Light and Free by Getting in Touch with the Earth.”

Colello says that he’s been running pain-free since his conversion: The first time in years. He’s now out spreading the word, telling the students he coaches about the benefits of running shoe-free.

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